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The Timber Preservers Association of Australia (TPAA) represents the nation's timber preservation industry.

Treatment Plants

TPAA Treatment Plant Register - listing all the timber treatment plants registered with the TPAA.

Timber Treatment

Timber is one of man’s oldest building materials.


Preservation gives timber durability – from attack by insects and decay producing organisms.

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The Timber Preservers Association of Australia.

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Members Area

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TPAA members produce fit-for-purpose treated commodities, using modern, environmentally responsible treatment plants. The plants are designed and operated under strict guidelines and conform with Australian Standards requirements. In addition, many operate to ISO 9000 quality procedures.The commodities include timber for both residential and commercial construction where durability is an essential characteristic to ensure adequate service life performance. Regrowth, native forest, and plantation timbers are treated with appropriate preservatives to do the job