Creosote / Pigment Emulsified Creosote (PEC)

Creosote and PEC are both heavy duty preservatives used to protect such commodities as poles, sleepers, marine piles and railway sleepers against decay, insect and borer attack.

These complex preservatives are made up of more than 300 components and are usually applied by vacuum-pressure impregnation-.

Being oil-borne, these preservatives will migrate slowly in the treated timber and may leave an oily surface finish. PEC is less likely to do this than normal creosote.

Key Benefits

effective against decay, insect, and marine borers
strongly water repellent giving good weather resistance
creosote is man's oldest preservative dating back hundreds of years
very long lasting
Avoid getting the creosote or PEC on your skin and take special care when working in bright sunshine as it is known that creosote can cause a (reversible) skin irritation akin to sunburn. This is likely to be more prevalent in fair-skinned people.