Light Organic Solvent Preservative (LOSP)

LOSPs are specialised treatments, generally for higher cost commodities like joinery. They may contain fungicides, insecticides and water repellent chemicals (not necessarily all at once). They are applied in sophisticated treatment plants and usually provide a protective envelope of treatment around the fabricated product. They are not intended for use where the treated commodity comes into contact with the soil

LOSP-treated timber is produced in a dry state in its final form, and usually therefore the wood will not be cut, machined or further worked upon on site.

The active ingredients that prevent decay and insect attack are usually carried in a white spirit solvent system. This can result in the treated timber having a residual smell but it will dissipate relatively quickly, especially in our warm climate.

Key Benefits

treated products are dry and stable
may be made for specific use, such as termite-proof house framing
no wastes should be generated when LOSP-treated timber is used on the building site