Copper Chrome Arsenate (CCA)

CCA treated timber is very widely used and can be seen in fencing, patios, sub-deck structures, landscaping, poles and posts (particularly in vineyards and the like) and marinas.

CCA preservatives are used to protect timber from all types of biological deterioration, including insect, termites, decay, and marine borers.

The CCA chemicals are designed to interact with wood constituents so that they fix in the wood and remain there for the life of the treated product. CCA is a clean, safe preservative. When used properly CCA is not a hazard to either users or the environment.

Key Benefits

long lasting, with a long history of use around the world
protects against decay, insects, termites, marine borers
widely available for use in all kind of timbers
readily available
Always handle the treated timber with care and use protection when working with the wood. Like untreated timber, you should take precautions to avoid breathing in sawdust and wood particles and take care to avoid splinters.

The TPAA recommends that you do not dispose of CCA-treated timber wastes by burning them indoors nor by using them as barbecue fuel.