For more than a decade, ACQ treated timber products have been used in some of the world's most beautiful locations. From the pristine environments of national parks in Australia, North America, Europe and Japan, to neighbourhood playgrounds and residential backyards.

The chemicals in ACQ products are also frequently used in products that are common in our every day lives. Copper, a naturally occurring mineral and the main ingredient in ACQ, is an effective and widely used fungicide. Quaternary compounds (quats) are commonly used in household disinfectants and cleaners and provide enhanced performance against copper-tolerant fungi and insects. The preservative penetrates deeply into and will remain in the wood for a long period of time.

Key Benefits

long-term protection from rot, fungal decay and insect attack
easily painted or stained
for use in Hazard Levels H1 through H5
wood scraps can be disposed of in ordinary rubbish collection