Fishers Timber Preservation P/L

Plant Number: 502
TPAA does not certify that this organisation complies with any or all of the requirements under AS/NZS1604.1:2021.
      TPAA has sighted a current certification certificate to a JASANZ accredited timber preservation certification
      TPAA has sighted an annual verification check that has been completed as required under AS/
      TPAA has sighted any other certifications held (e.g., CodeMark or ISO 9001 or another relevant product certification).no
Species treated:
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Physical location
28-30 Swan Rd., Morwell, VIC, 3840
Postal address:
28-30 Swan Rd., Morwell, VIC, 3840
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The Manager
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03 5134 5155
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03 5133 7398
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