TPAA - Timber Preservers Association of Australia

The Timber Preservers’ Association of Australia (TPAA) represents the nation's wood protection industry. It is made up of timber treaters, preservative suppliers, research organisations, and individuals and bodies having an interest in the production and use of preserved timber.

The TPAA promotes a knowledge of the principles and methods of timber preservation within the industry, helps with establishing and adhering to Standards for the treatment of timber, and promotes best practice in the production of preserved wood.

The TPAA encourages its members to comply with national Standards and applicable legislation, to use sound and responsible environmental procedures, and to produce fit-for-purpose preserved timber products.

Whilst the TPAA maintains a list of timber preservation plants, it does not 'register' preservation plants and relies on members to produce fit-for-purpose preserved timber products.

TPAA members produce a range of preserved timber products to suit all uses, from heavy industrial applications to preserved products for the house and garden.


The TPAA covers a wide range of capabilities relating to wood preservation, including:
Preservaation process technologies

Preserving chemical formulation composition and specifications

Advice on test processes for new products
Knowledge of where and when to use preserved timber

How to handle preserved products

How to safely dispose of waste material form preserved timber and spent preserved timber at the end of its life

Current office bearer list

Director Technical Committee
Andrew Davies (Chairman) Dr. Harry Greaves (Chairman)
Elias Akle Elias Akle  Jeff Morrell
Peter Webb Gerry Gardiner  Paul Anderson
Gerard Gardiner Scott Porter  Peter Webb
Scott Porter Dr Laurie Cookson  Jack Norton
Dr Harry Greaves Tim Evans  Steve Payne
Steven Koch Mark Fortune
Scott Porter Dr James Hague
 Richard Bennett Kim Harris
Scott Kendall Dr Trevor Innes
Ross Lakin  Bill Leggate
Catherine Fisher  Shane McFarling
 Jack Norton
 Steve Koch